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Aripana School Improvement Program

School Support Program

Our School Support Program supports children studying in some of the most under-resourced government schools in North Bihar, as well as other critical stakeholders in education such as teachers, head teachers, cluster-resource center coordinators, education officials, parents & communities, to bring about qualitative and sustainable improvements in school- education, in the region. Know more.  

Project Lemon-Choos

Project Lemon-Choos is dedicated to creating and making available quality child’s literature in Maithili – a language of North Bihar, foremost on many a children’s tongue, yet struggling to hold its own against other socially and politically dominant languages. In addition to creating original works in Maithili, the project also involves translations of some of the choicest works in children’s literature from across the world, into Maithili. We hope Maithil children savour these books, much like the Lemon Choos we all savored as children. Know More

Maithili Children Books

Aripana Blogs

Can libraries play a role in nature education?

And can Nature Education, in turn, enrich libraries? An important starting point to answer these questions could be to reflect on what one understands by and the approach one adopts to libraries and nature education. At Aripana, we see libraries as more than just a collection of age appropriate, child […]

Meet our Fellow, Anjali.

When  Anjali was interviewed as a potential Aripana Education Fellow, what struck us was not just her commendable performance in the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) in which she excelled with very little guidance and on the basis of largely self driven efforts, but also her intuitive understanding of what […]