Project Lemon-Choos

Children’s literature can act as both, a mirror and a window, to the worlds in which children live. It introduces them to stories, ideas and issues related to their own lives as well as to lives and worlds as yet unseen.  It makes available to them the collective knowledge about how individuals and communities have understood themselves and their relationships with each other and with nature. Through it, children also understand the elements of stories like plot, characters, theme, setting, values and language use.

Project Lemon Choos aims to create and make available, quality children’s literature in Maithili – a language of North Bihar, foremost on many a children’s tongue, yet struggling to hold its own against other socially and politically dominant languages. In addition to creating original works in Maithili, the project will also involve translations of some of the choicest works in children’s literature from across the world, that validate children’s imagination and keep their inner world thriving.  We hope Maithil children savour these books, much like the Lemon Choos we all savored as children.

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