Bheema the Sleepyhead | नीन्न सँ मातल भीमा


Bheema has a problem that many of us have every morning. He just can’t wake up on time! A little friend helps him. Would you like to find out how?

भीमा, रामू धोबीक गदहा अछि। ओकर फिरीसानी ई छैक जे भोरे-भोर ओकर नीन्न नहि खुजैत छैक। मुदा, एक दिन एकटा युक्ति काज लागि गेलैक। ओहि युक्ति कें बुझबा लेल ई खिस्सा पढू।


This is a Level 2 English-Maithili bilingual book for children who are learning to read.

Additional information

Reading Level

Level 2


6*9 Inches


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