Simmi is Listening | सिम्मी सुनि रहल अछि


Simmi knows her sister Lolo very well. She can tell what Lolo is up to even with her eyes closed. How does Simmi know so many things about Lolo without even looking? Read this book to know more.

सिम्मी अपन बहिन लोलो कें नीक जकाँ चिन्हैत अछि। ओ आँखि मुननहु बुझि जाइत अछि जे लोलो की कs रहल अछि। बिनु देखनहु लोलो के विषय मे एतेक बात सिम्मी कोना जनैत अछि? बुझबाक लेल, ई खिस्सा पढ़ू।


This is a Level 1 English-Maithili bilingual book for children who are eager to begin reading.

Additional information

Reading Level

Level 2


6* 9 Inches


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