Singing in the Rain | बरखा मे गाएब


Sukhiya Kaka was a famous singer. He met Dinoo who turned out to be his biggest fan. Together they made quite a pair!

सुखिया कका एकटा प्रसिद्ध गायक छलाह। हुनका दीनू डायनासोर सँ भेंट भेलनि, जे हुनक सभसँ पैघ प्रशंसक बनि गेलनि। दुनू मिलि कs कि जोड़ी बनौलनि!


This is a Level 2 English-Maithili bilingual book for children who are learning to read.

Additional information

Reading Level

Level 2


6*9 Inches


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