Too Big! Too Small! बड्ड पैघ! बड्ड छोट!


Sannu is too big for mummy to carry. And too small to go to school alone. Are you too small to read this story on your own? Or are you too big to have someone read it aloud with you? Open the book and find out!

माँ के कोरा मे बैसबाक लेल सन्नु बड़ पैघ अछि। आ असगर स्कूल जाय लेल बड़ छोट। अहाँ अपने सँ ई खिस्सा पढ़ै लेल बड़ छोट छी? कि दोसरा सँ ई खिस्सा सुनबाक लेल बड़ पैघ? ई पोथी खोलू आ बुझू!

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This is a Level 1 English-Maithili bilingual book for children who are eager to begin reading.

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Level 2


6*9 Inches


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